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MEWOI-SHL100A handheld circuit tester,contact resistance tester,micro-ohmmeter,ohmimeter

MEWOI-SHL100A handheld circuit tester,contact resistance tester,micro-ohmmeter,ohmimeter

2023-07-10 15:45:49  

100A circuit tester,contact resistance tester,micro-ohmmeter,ohmimeter

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MEWOI-SHL100A handheld circuit tester,contact resistance tester,micro-ohmmeter,ohmimeter

Production Description

The circuit resistance tester is a high-precision, digital switch tester developed by the company according to IEC standards and the latest power executive standard DL/T845.4 - 2004 of the People's Republic of China, giving play to its technical advantages. The instrument adopts high-frequency high-power constant current switching power supply technology, and can measure micro ohmic contact resistance.

It is widely applicable to the measurement of contact resistance, loop resistance, cable wire and weld joint contact resistance of various switches and electrical appliances. The instrument has accurate measurement data and stable performance, meeting the requirements of on-site high-voltage switch maintenance of power supply departments and high-voltage switch factory loop resistance test. The output current and measurement resistance are output on the 65K true color LCD at the same time, and the measurement results can be either output voltage or stored in a USB flash disk. The power down storage can meet the data query at any time.


Test current: 50A, 100A
Range:  0~100m Ω (50A) 0~50m Ω (100A)
Resolution: 0.1 minimum μ Ω
Precision: ± (0.5% ± 2 words)
Power: 1000W
Working mode: continuous measurement
 Working power supply:  AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
Operating temperature: 0~40 
Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation
Overall dimension:355 * 275 * 147
Weight: 9.5KG

Product Advantages

 The test current is large, which fully meets the requirements of national standards for testing contact resistance.

 High output voltage and wide measurement range.

 The test current is from the high-precision large current constant current power supply, without manual adjustment, and the test is fast and accurate.

 Four terminal wiring method is adopted to effectively eliminate the influence of test line resistance on test results.

 65K true color liquid crystal with 320X240 dot matrix and ultra small pixel.

 The instrument has its own perpetual calendar clock and power down storage, which can store test data for reference at any time.

 The instrument is equipped with micro printer, RS232 and USB interface, which can communicate with the computer and store on a USB disk.

 Intelligent power management technology, the instrument always works at the minimum power state, which can effectively save energy.


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