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MEWOI-ERT-2902 Migration And Residue Tester

MEWOI-ERT-2902 Migration And Residue Tester

2023-07-11 17:18:26  

MEWOI-ERT-2902 Migration And Residue Tester

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Applied to determinate total migration of food contact materials and packages, and quantitative test of non-volatile matter in pharmaceutical packaging materials and medical devices.


Computer control
One-button test, test automatically in whole process
Temperature auto control
Rapid drying technology
Closed-loop treatment technology for vapor, safe test
Multiple samples in one test
Weighing automatically
Data curves display
Unit based on embedded system,24bit Δ-Σ AD
Data traceability
Supports DSM system (DSM, lab data management system)


Test range
0.3~80,000m g
Test accuracy
Temperature range
R.T.~135℃(Can be customized)
Temperature accuracy
Test chamber volume
170 mL MAX  (Customization available)
Specimen amount
12 specimens, independent
Carrier gas
99.999% Nitrogen  (Self-provided)
Gas pressure
0.6MPa (Self-provided)
Gas interface
Φ6 mm
885 (L) ×666 mm (W) ×450 mm (H)
Power supply
AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight


GB 31604.8-2016GB/T 9740-2008ISO 759-1981YBB00342002-2015YBB00132002-2015


Standard configuration: Main unit, computer, professional software, evaporating dish, automatic moisture filter, calibration weight.

Optional: Evaporating dish, DSM system

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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