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MEWOI-F300S Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover
MEWOI-F300S Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover
MEWOI-F300S Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover
MEWOI-F300S Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover

MEWOI-F300S Fiber Laser Obstacle Remover

2023-07-11 10:51:27  

Model: F300S Working Distance: 5-300m Working Objects: Kite, kite line, advertising material, shading net, building dust net, agricultural plastic film and other non-metallic foreign bodies, bird's nest, honeycomb, medium-sized tree barriers Whole machine weight: Main Engine 36kg, Battery 14kg

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Product Introduction

MEWOI-F300S portable fiber laser obstacle remover is the first time to introduce laser remote ignition technology into the power industry.


1. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and erect with high accuracy and speed
2. Easy to operate, intuitive interface, user-friendly operation
3. Long service life, maintenance-free, able to adapt to harsh environments
4. Laser spot can be focused accurately to process with high precision and speed
5. Product integration, high degree of automation, good stability, long-term reliable continuous work
6. It has the function of green light guide, laser over-temperature protection, anti-interference and other security protection functions

Product Parameters

Model: Xtetser-F300S
Working distance: 5-300m
Focused spot size: ≤15mm
Green pointer: 20~30mW
Continuous working time: ≥90 minutes
Cooling: Air-cooled
Wavelength: 1080±5nm
Laser power: 300W adjustable

Focus mode:Dynamic focus

Setting time: ≤5mins

Power supply mode: Portable rechargable battery can be connected with AC220V

Positioning: Auto-positioning≤30s

Electronic telescope: 5-20 digital zoom, working mode can be switched manually

Protection mode: Dumping protection, foreign object detection, remote control and other functions

Fault analysis and troubleshooting

Pressing the start button, the device does not start

Check if the mergency stop switch is turned on, if the key switch is turned on, if the base of the platform touches the limit, and whether the platform and the laser are in standby state.

The laser does not fire and screen shows“ Abnormal temperature”

It is caused by temperature of the laser exceeding the allowable range, the laser shuts down automatically. Restart after several minutes of shutdown. If the alarm is still on, please check if the main cabinet cooling fan is blocked or not activated.

The laser does not fire, but the power display is normal

Check the indicator lights on both sides of the power display screen. When the laser light ( the red one at right side) is on and the power indicator ( left side) is off, it indicates that the laser starts protection state because the laser temperature is too high. Turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on. The machine is on, and then turn on the laser once the heat of the laser is appropriately decreased.

Platform doesn’t response when press the button on keyboard

Check if the equipment is on, if the antenna is well plugged in, if the power switch of the remote control is on, and whether the remote control battery is dead.

No display on the remote control screen

Check if the remote control switch is on, whether the data line is plugged in or loosened, if the SD card is plugged in, and if the remote control battery is dead.

How to clean the equipment

In order to ensure system works normally, it is necessary to carry out daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment. This machine is a precision equipment, which requires extra care in maintenance. After each usage, clean it with powder-free rubber gloves, velvet-free cleaning cloth and cotton swabs, pure ethanol, alcohol (optical grade, purity greater than 99.5%), compressed air (oil-free, water-free) and other tools. Place the laser aiming head back into the main cabinet after wiping off the shell of it, the platform, display and so on. Please refer to the product instructions for details.

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