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MEWOI-PKG-1201 Seal Strength Tester

MEWOI-PKG-1201 Seal Strength Tester

2023-07-11 17:21:40  

MEWOI-PKG-1201 Seal Strength Tester

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For determining the ability of packages to withstand internal pressurization. For determining the minimum burst strength of a seal placed around the perimeter of a flexible package as it is internally pressurized and enclosed within restraining plates. For the measurement of leaks in nonporous film, foil, or laminate flexible pouches and foil sealed trays, which may be empty or enclose solid product.


1. Embedded system, easy to remote maintenance and upgrade.

2. Touch screen operation, own technology.

3. Real color TFT LCD display.

4. Burst, standard creep, creep-to-burst test.

5. Open package test is available. (optional)

6. With and without restraining plates test is available. (optional)

7. High speed sampling for test accuracy warranty.

8. Over pressure protection.

9. Low power consumption.

10. RS232 communication port.

11. DSM computer software support. (optional)


Testing range
0.5 ~ 800kPa; accuracy: 0.3%FS
4~1600kPa;  accuracy: 0.5%FS (optional)
Gas source
0.4MPa ~ 0.7MPa (self-provide)
Main unit dimension
345mm(L) × 410 mm(B) × 170mm(H)
Package fixture size
300 mm(L) × 350mm(B) ×330mm(H)
Power supply
AC 220V 50Hz
Net weight


ASTM F2054, ASTM F1140, ASTM F2095, ISO 11607-1, ISO 11607-2, GB 18454GB 19741, GB 10440, GB 17447, GB/T 17876, GB/T 10004, GB/T 10005,  BB/T 0003, BB/T 0025, QB/T 1871, YBB 00162002, YBB 00252005


Delivery: main unit, package test fixture.

Optional: open package test fixture, restraining plates, bottle cap test fixture, hose test fixture.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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