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MEWOI-ZC2518 Resistance/Temperature Scanning Tester

MEWOI-ZC2518 Resistance/Temperature Scanning Tester

2023-08-10 17:27:17  

Resistance/Temperature Scanning Tester

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  • Serial No. : Lisa0530
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MEWOI-ZC2518 Resistance/Temperature Scanning Tester


Brief introduction

The ZC2518 series resistance/temperature scanner simulation test scanning unit adopts the design concept of synchronous plug-in card type, which can support up to 6 plug-in board test units, and realizes synchronous measurement between the plug-in boards, which greatly improves the scanning measurement speed. The temperature compensation and temperature conversion function of the instrument makes the product test free from the influence of ambient temperature, and can output the comparison and sorting results of the whole machine level, the board level and each channel, so that your test, data analysis and processing, and product sorting work more Easy. The standard RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and HANDLER interfaces not only facilitate the quick storage of your measurement data, but also facilitate your remote control of the instrument. The 24-bit color LCD screen with touch function and resolution of 480×272 is easy to operate and easy to understand. Chinese and English are optional, suitable for different usage scenarios.

Performance characteristics

Resistance range: 10uΩ- 200kΩ

The highest resistance accuracy: 0.05%, resistance resolution: 10uΩ

Basic accuracy of temperature: 0.2℃

The highest test speed can reach 600 times per second

15 channels/unit, 6 units simultaneous measurement, up to 90 resistance single-unit or scan test

For each channel measurement, the sorting comparison boundary can be designed separately and the output comparison sorting signal can be output

The test terminal used in the scan test path is programmable

Each test unit can be plugged and unplugged freely

Temperature compensation function (TC)

One-click screenshot function

Data logging function

Temperature measurement can support three temperature sampling methods of PT100, PT500, and analog voltage

Can output channel-level, board-level, machine-level comparison and sorting results (over-limit, qualified, and beep)

The instrument operating software can be automatically upgraded via USB HOST

Handler interface is used to realize online operation

Technical index

Type number


Measurement parameters

DC resistance, temperature

Resistance test range


Basic resistance test accuracy


Resistance range

Automatic and manual(200mΩ,2Ω,20Ω,200Ω,2kΩ,20kΩ,200kΩ)

Temperature sensor type

PT500 platinum resistance, PT100 platinum resistance, analog voltage input

Temperature test range



Temperature test accuracy

PT100,PT500:0.3%*Measurements ±0.5℃

Analog:±1%Rd ± 3mV

Measurement mode

Stand-alone, scan

Each test parameter

Resistance, temperature (programmable)

Scanning channels

15 channels/card, up to 6 cards and 90 channels can be inserted, the channels in the card are for scanning test, and the test cards are for synchronous testing

Test end selection of test channel

Arbitrary configuration between channels (programmable)

Test current


Single board measurement speed


6-board equivalent test speed



True color 4.3 inch LCD display

show result

Simultaneously display 16-channel test results, support page turning

Short-circuit clearing correction

Supports full-range short-circuit clearing for all channels


Each test channel sets the comparison boundary separately

Extreme mode


Trigger method

Automatic trigger, manual trigger, bus trigger, Handler trigger, foot switch trigger


LAN、USB DEVICE、USB HOST、RS232C、Handler 、Foot switch

Test end

Four terminal test

Power requirements

Voltage:90-125V,190-250V  frequency:50Hz、60Hz、Power: Maximum 30VA

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