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MEWOI-ZC75 Series Programmable Withstand Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

MEWOI-ZC75 Series Programmable Withstand Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

2023-08-10 17:09:25  

Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester

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  • Serial No. : Lisa0524
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MEWOI-ZC75 Series Programmable Withstand Voltage/Insulation Resistance Tester


Brief introduction

The ZC75 series AC and DC withstand voltage/insulation resistance tester is a newly designed 200VA power with a maximum output of 10kV/20mA, which meets the requirements of high withstand voltage testing. Based on the basic AC, DC, and insulation resistance tests, the ZC75 series adds a breakdown voltage test function, which can analyze the breakdown point voltage of the product; It has an open and short circuit detection function (OSC), which solves the problem of users when testing safety products. For reliability and accuracy issues, the contact check is performed synchronously during output to avoid missed detection and improve the reliability and efficiency of the test.

Performance characteristics

High voltage output: AC 10kV/20mA; DC 12kV output

Chinese and English interface

7-inch large LCD, larger and clearer fonts

Unique arc detection function, defect identification is more accurate

OSC check function, more reliable and accurate

Voltage slow rise function, can test the voltage when the product breaks down

Multiple interfaces, standard RS32, USB HOST, USB DEVICE HANDLER LAN GPIB (optional) to facilitate automated testing of production lines

There are output ports on the front and rear panels, suitable for various test scenarios

Store 6 groups, each group has 10 steps

Scope of application

Coil components such as transformer motors, rotors, stators, etc.

Electronic components such as capacitors, filters, transformers, etc.

Electrical products such as household appliances, electronic products, electric heating products, lighting products, medical equipment, etc.

Non-electrical products such as wires, non-woven fabrics, insulating materials, etc.

Technical index

Test modeDC/IRAC/OSC
The output voltageACvoltage range-0.05-10.0KV
Voltage waveform50/60Hz±0.1%,sine wave
Output Power200VA(10.0KV/20mA)
DCvoltage range0.05-12.0KV-
Output Power120VA(12.0KV/10mA)
Load fluctuation rate

±(1% set value + 0.2%  full scale) (rated power)

Voltage resolution2V
Voltage accuracy

±(1% set value+ 0.1%  full scale)

Current test rangeACCurrent range-


Current resolution0.001mA
Current accuracy

±(1% read value + 0.5%  full scale)

DCCurrent range0.001mA~10mA-
Current resolution0.001mA
Current accuracy±(1% read value + 0.5%  full scale)
Maximum short circuit current

20mA (AC only test)

Fast discharge function

Automatic discharge after the test is over(DCW)

Insulation resistance test(Included in ZC7510 only)
The output voltage


Voltage resolution2V
Voltage accuracy

±(1% read value + 0.1%  full scale)

Resistance test range

0.1MΩ~ 50.0GΩ

Arc Detection
Program settingsAC-





OSC Open and short detection

Sampling Standard Capacitance Range


Open circuit judgment range


Short circuit judgment range


Time setting
Testing time

         0.1~999.9s,0 Indicates continuous testing

Rise Time

0.1~999.9s,0 means close

Fall time

0.1~999.9s,0 means close

waiting time

                                      0.1~999.9s,0 means close(only ZC7510C)

Safety protection function
Electric shock protection

  0.5mA±0.25mA,Selectable: On or Off

Boot protection

Interlock pin to ground,Only allow high voltage output

Panel operation protectionkey lock, password
Storage and interface
Internal memoryCan store 6 groups of files, each group can be edited in 10 steps
Standard interface


General technical indicators

430mm(W)×132mm(H)× 500mm(D)


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