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MEWOI-FST200-1001 Wind Speed Sensor

MEWOI-FST200-1001 Wind Speed Sensor

2023-07-11 15:59:13  

Wind Speed Sensor

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【Technical parameters】


  Product number  FST200-1001
  Measuring range  0.5~50m/S
  Output signal

  RS485output(Modbus protocol)4~20mA/0~5VDCwith DTU,

  wireless transmission

  Precision  +0.5m/S(<5m/S)±3%FS(≥5m/S)
  Operating Voltage  12~30VDC
  Starting wind speed  ≤0.5m/s
  Wind strength  >70m/S 30min
  Operating temperature  -20~+85℃
  Humidity  0%~95%(Non-condensing)
 Storage temperature  -40%℃~105℃
  Material  Aluminum alloy/polyester layerWind cup integrated structure
  Protection level  IP65
  Electrical connections  Direct out


Product features

 Adopting non-contact magnetic sensor measurement principle, high measurement accuracy and strong reliability; the whole is made of aluminum alloy material, polyester coating, strong wind resistance and corrosion resistance; wide wind speed measurement range, low starting wind speed; sensor Circuit protection adopts fault-tolerant design; exquisite design and easy installation.

 Application scope

 Monitoring and control of high-altitude operations; monitoring and control of weather stations and environmental protection; wind speed monitoring of large-scale mechanical equipment of wind turbines; monitoring and control of other industrial processes related to wind speed safety.

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