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MEWOI-FST200-205 Wind Speed and Direction Integrated Sensor

MEWOI-FST200-205 Wind Speed and Direction Integrated Sensor

2023-07-11 15:58:19  

Wind Speed and Direction Integrated Sensor

  • Main Features : ♦ Small size, easy to carry, simple installation, beautiful appearance; ♦ Has strong corrosion resistance and weather resistance; ♦ High measurement accuracy, wide range and good stability; ♦ Low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, can work stably for a long time; ♦ The power supply has a wide adaptation range, good linearity of data information, and a long signal transmission distance.
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【Product description】


MEWOI-FST200-205 wind speed and wind direction integrated sensor is used to measure the wind speed and wind direction value, and convert it into an electrical signal, which can be directly transmitted to the recording device for processing. The sensor housing is made of aluminum alloy with high weather resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and water resistance; the internal circuits are all protected, and the entire sensor has good adaptability to harsh environments. The cable connector has good anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance, which can ensure the long-term use of the instrument. At the same time, it cooperates with the imported bearing system to ensure the accuracy of wind speed and wind direction collection. Can be widely used in the field of construction machinery (crane, crawler crane, door crane, tower crane, etc.), railway, port, wharf, power plant, meteorology, ropeway, environment, greenhouse, aquaculture, air conditioning, energy saving monitoring, agriculture, medical, clean space Wind speed and wind direction measurement in other fields.


【Technical Parameters】


  Operating Voltage  12-30VDC/12-30VDC/12-30VDC/15-30VDC
  Output signal  4-20mA/0-5VDC/Rs485/0-10VDC

  Wind speed: 0-30m/s,0-60m/s;

  Wind direction: 16 directions or 8 directions (0-360 degrees) 

  Precision  Wind speed: ±3% (≥5m/s); wind direction: ±3 degrees
  Maximum power consumption  Current type MAX≤500mW; RS485 type MAX≤300mW
  Start wind speed  ≤0.5m/S
  Surge protection  EMC Class III 
  Static protection  15KV 
  Operating temperature -40-85℃ 
  Working humidity  0%~95%(non-condensing) 
  Protection level  IP65




【Sensor installation instructions】


1. Please install the sensor horizontally. The electrical connector should be aligned with the north during installation. The angle between the base and the horizontal plane should not exceed 5℃ to ensure that the sensor can accurately measure the wind speed and direction at low wind speeds; 


2. The position and shape of the wind cup and windmill arm, wind direction rod and tail fin directly affect the accuracy of the sensor. Please do not grasp the wind cup, windmill arm, wind direction rod and tail fin during installation, so as not to damage the sensor structure and affect the measurement accuracy

 【Signal output definition】


【Scope of application】


  ♦  Monitoring of high-altitude operations
  ♦  Monitoring and control of construction machinery operation process
  ♦  Meteorological station and environmental protection monitoring and control
  ♦  Port and terminal monitoring and control



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