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MEWOI-110LE Split Type High Accuracy Leakage Current Sensor Probe

MEWOI-110LE Split Type High Accuracy Leakage Current Sensor Probe

2023-07-11 10:30:44  

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  • Main Features : MEWOI-110LE Split Type High Accuracy Leakage Current Sensor Probe
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MEWOI110LE Split Type High Accuracy Leakage Current Sensor is used for measurement of high accuracy DC leakage current, low DC current. Adopt the latest CT technology, double shielding layer and split type design, portable, install on line, no need to disconnect the measured circuits, non-contact, safe and fast. It can be connected with phase detection analyzer, industrial control equipment, data recorder, oscilloscope, harmonic analyzer, electric power quality analyzer, high precision digital multi-meter, etc. Widely applied in electricity, communication, meteorology, railway, oilfield, construction, measurement, scientific and research teaching unit, industrial and mining enterprises.


FunctionMeasurement of DC leakage current, low DC current
Test modeSplit Type CT
Power supply9VDC±1VDC
Power dissipation20mA max
Clamp SizeΦ10mm(available for line ≤10mm)
Range0-100mA DC
Resolution1mA  AC
Accuracy±3.0%FS(50/60Hz; 23℃±2℃,below 70%RH, keep the wire be in the center of hole)
Coils Turn800:1(customize is available)
Signal output25mV/1mA,
Response speed2 times/sec
Output interfaceBrown—positive power input; Yellow—terminal of alert control; Blue—anode signal output; black—GND(cathode power output and cathode signal output, can short circuit with shielding shell )
Output Wire Length2m
Electric Field Interference3mA
Measured Wire PositionApproximately in the geometric center of the hole
Voltage of circuitAC 600V
Working Environment-20℃-45℃; below 80%rh
Storage Environment-10℃-60℃; below 70%rh
Insulation StrengthAC 2kV/rms. (between core and shell)
Safety RulesIEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution degree 2, CAT Ⅲ(600V)
AccessorySensor :1pc


Split Type Current Sensor Probe

Click "Blue" marked Model No. to view the Spec

Model No.RangeClamp SizeResolutionCoils TurnCurrent induction output,Direct Coil tapDouble shielding, anti-jamming capability, suitable for leakage current, small current test
MEWOI110LMEWOI110L.001.80.jpg0.000mA~ 60(AC)Φ10mm 1uA, Accuracy 1%1:800
MEWOI110LEMEWOI110LE.80.jpg0.0mA~ 100mA(DC)Φ10mm 0.1mA, Accuracy 3%1:800
MEWOI125LMEWOI125L.80.001.jpg0.000mA~ 60(AC)Φ25mm 1uA, Accuracy 1%1:800
MEWOI125LEMEWOI125LE.80.001.jpg0mA~ 100mA(DC)Φ25mm 1mA, Accuracy 3% 1:800
MEWOI140LMEWOI140L.80.jpg0.00mA~ 200(AC)Φ40 mm 10uA, Accuracy 1%1:800
MEWOI140LEMEWOI140LE.80.002.jpg0mA~ 100mA(DC)Φ40 mm 1mA, Accuracy 3%1:800
MEWOI185LMEWOI185L.80.jpg0.000mA~60A(AC)85*20mm 1uA, Accuracy 1%1:800

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