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MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope

MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope

2023-07-24 14:07:28  

MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope

  • Main Features : 1,Wireless  high voltage line electricity testing ,high voltage line voltage test.,2,Electricity Testing Level:  380V~220kV ,3,Voltage to Earth Display Range : 0.1kV~150kV(Voltage to earth),4,Data Storage : 99 groups
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MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope (with voltage indication) is specially designed and manufactured for high voltage transmission line electricity inspecting, high voltage transmission line  voltage to earth, inductive voltage and current test. The products break through the traditional high voltage electroscope limitation which just can only detect whether there is the electricity. This instrument can test high voltage to earth voltage at the same time of electricity testing alarm, MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope electricity testing voltage level 380V~220kV, completely covers the electricity testing and ground voltage test of each voltage level(380V, 6.6kV, 10kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV), no need to purchase multiple sets of high voltage electroscope according to different voltage levels, which can save cost, safety, reliability and save time. It is a necessary tool for power transmission line maintenance. In the maintenance and repair of the transmission line, even if the line has been disconnected, due to the capacitive effect, there may still exisit very high high voltage through with induction, which seriously threatens the safety of the operators and operation process. It is necessary to pass the electroscope to check whether the voltage of the cable has been reduced to a safe and operable voltage level.

MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope ( with voltage indication) consists of host receiver, detector, telescopic insulation rod, monitoring software and USB communication cable etc. During the test, you only need to hang the detector on the bare wire with insulation rod, the voltage value can be read on the handheld receiver through by wireless signal transmission.The wireless signal transmission straight-line distance is about 30 meters. The detector has red LED and buzzer and other sound and light alarms, making the test easier and convenient. Monitoring software has online real-time monitoring, historical data query, save, print and other functions


Technical Parameters




MEWOI2800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope


Wireless high voltage electricity test, high voltage line voltage test

Power Supply

Receiver: DC6V, alkaline battery LR03X 4PCS; Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V

Wireless Frequency


Wireless Transmission Distance

Straight-line transmission distance about 30M

Electricity Test Voltage Range


Electricity Test Level

380V, 6.6kV, 10kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV

Voltage to Earth Display Range

0.1kV~150kV(Voltage to earth)

Voltage to Earth Display Accuracy


Current Test (only B model)

Range: 0.1A~6000A; Accuracy: ±3%±5dgt;  Resolution: 0.1A

Probe Length (only A model)


LCD Size

47mm×28.5mm (with backlight)

Electricity Test Indication

In electricity test, the detector with sound and light indication function, red double flash indicator and "beep - beep - beep" buzzing sound.

Display Speed

2 Times/Second

Data Storage

99 groups (Power down or replace the battery will not lose data)

Automatic Shutdown

15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation

Low Battery Voltage Indication

When the detector battery voltage is lower than 7.2V±0.1V, the green power indicator flashes; when the receiver voltage lower than 4.8V±0.1V, low battery voltage symbol “      ” will display and remind to replace battery.

Rated Current

Detector: 75mA max; Receiver: 35mA max

Hook Caliber


Instrument Dimension

Receiver: 78mm×165mm×42mm; Detector: 300mm×237mm×85mm

Instrument Weight

Instrument: 660g; Package and insulation rod total weight: 5.6kg

Insulation Rod Length

Max Diameter:Ø45mm; Length:Contraction state 850mm;Stretched state 4500mm


Detector:1PCS; Receiver:1PCS, Probe: 1PCS (only A model); Probe Hook: 1PCS; Insulation Rod:1PCS; Software CD: 1COPY; USB communication cable:1PCS; Cloth Bag: 1PCS

Selection Guide

ModelElectricity Test Voltage LevelDisplay FunctionRemark
MEWOI2800B380V~220kVvoltage displayequipped with hook probe and probe (replaceable)
MEWOI2800C380V~220kVvoltage and current displayProbe (not removable)

Packing Details

Receiver1 PCS
Detector1 PCS
Hook1 PCS
Probe1 PCS
Monitoring Software (CD),USB Communication Cable1 SET
Instrument Bag1 PCS
Telescopic insulation rod1 PCS
Manual Warranty Card Certificate1 SET

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