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MEWOI-003G flexible coil current transformer (with integrator)

MEWOI-003G flexible coil current transformer (with integrator)

2023-07-27 10:01:05  

AC current, higher harmonic current, complex waveform current, transient impact current, Detection of starting current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor, etc.

  • Main Features : Range: AC 0A~3000A/6000A / 10000A (optional) Signal output: full scale corresponds to output AC 0 ~ 1V Line voltage: below 600V CT structure: Rogowski coil Coil diameter: Φ 7.5mm
  • Serial No. :

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Product Introduction

MEWOI-003G flexible coil current sensor (with integrator), composed of a flexible coil and a host, the integral structure is more convenient to use and operate. There is no exposed metal conductor in the coil part, non-contact measurement, safe and reliable; its small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, soft and flexible, suitable for narrow environments and places with dense wiring; wide measurement range, high precision, strong reliability, Response frequency bandwidth (0.1Hz-1MHz), users can customize the coil length according to their needs.

    Using advanced Rogowski coil technology, it is a toroidal coil wound evenly on non-ferromagnetic materials, without hysteresis effect, almost zero phase error, no magnetic saturation phenomenon, and extremely high linearity. The flexible coil is the differential of current to time. The integrator integrates the output voltage signal (0~1V) to truly restore the measured current and output a complete signal waveform. The measured current range can range from 1 ampere to tens of thousands of amperes. Mainly used for detection of current, high-order harmonic current (up to 400 times), complex waveform current, transient impact current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor, etc. Equipped with an integrator, it can be more conveniently integrated into other test equipment, such as power quality analyzers, harmonic analyzers, power parameter recorders, phase detection analyzers, industrial control devices, oscilloscopes, high-precision digital multimeters, transient Shock recorder, distributed measurement system, protection system, etc.

Technical parameter

1. Range and accuracy

Accuracy class
phase error
AC 0A~3000A1A
AC 0A 6000A
AC 0A 10000A

Note: 50Hz/60Hz; 23℃±2℃, below 70%RH, the wire is at the center of the coil

2. Other parameters

Coil diameter  Φ7.5mm
Coil inner diameter  Φ 150Φ3000mm (optional)
power supply  Zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22 9VDC (can be connected to an external power supply)
Range  AC 0A~3000A/6000A / 10000A (optional)
signal output  Full scale corresponds to output AC 0~1V
phase error  ≤1°(50Hz/60Hz;23℃±2℃)
Integrator size  103mm×65mm×26mm
Integrator quality  200g
Integrator output interface  3.5mm audio frequency plug/BNC interface/tap (optional)
Integrator output line length  2m
Electric field interference  No hysteresis effect, no external electric field interference
wire position  The wire to be tested is at the center of the coil, and the influence of position error is ≤ ±0.5%FS
current frequency  45Hz ~ 70Hz (measured current frequency)
response frequency  0.1Hz~1MHz
line voltage  Line test below AC 600V
Random accessories  Flexible coil: 1 piece; Integrator: 1 piece; 6F22 9V battery: 1 piece

Model Comparison

Product numberCoil inner diametercoil lengthCoil diameterquality

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