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MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current
MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current
MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current
MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current
MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current
MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current

MEWOI1100B Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current

2023-07-22 16:09:52  

Wireless High Voltage and Low voltage Clamp Current Meter/Clamp Current Meter/High Voltage Meter

  • Main Features : 1. Measurement of H/L Voltage AC leakage curren, current. 2. Range:AC 0.00mA~600A 3. Wireless transmission: 30M 4. Data Storage: 99 Groups 5. Line voltage: below 60kV 6. CT size: Φ33mm
  • Serial No. :
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MEWOI1100B wireless H/L voltage clamp current meter suitable for measuring H/L leakage current and current below 60KV, range: 0.00mA~600A, resolution: 0.01mA, CT size: Φ33mm, the current clamp adopts special alloy and magnetic shielding technology, with strong anti-interference ability, ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement. The meter with wireless transformission ( transformission distance 30M), data hold and data storage(99 groups) and other functions. It also can be used as the H/L voltage transformation ratio tester, to measure the high and low voltage current of the primary circuit and the secondary circuit respectively, and then manually calculate the the transformation ratio of high and low voltage.

The Meter is composed of high voltage detector, wireless receiver and 5pcs high voltage insulation rods. The insulation rod is handiness, with moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, high insulation, and detachable and other features.

Function H/L voltage AC leakage current, current online test, Zinc oxide arrester damp or aging online judgment, Indirect test of current transducer, load current test
Power Supply DC 6V(1.5V AAAx4)
Test Mode Clamp CT, integration method
Transmission Mode 433Hz wireless transmission, transmission distance 30M
Display Mode 4 digital LCD display, backlight function, suitable for dark place
LCD Size 47mm×28.5mm
Meter Size Detector: 68mm×245mm×40mm; Receiver: 78mm×165mm×42mm
CT Size φ33mm
Sampling Rate 2 times/second
Measurement Range AC 0.00mA~600.0A
Current Frequency 50/60Hz automatic
Resolution 0.01mA
Shift 0.00mA~600.0A automatic

Test Accuracy


0.00mA~100A:    ±1%±5dgt 
101A~600A:        ±2%±5dgt
Data Storage 99 groups, in storage process "MEM" symbol display, "FULL" symbol flashes display indicate storage full
Line Voltage Suitable for testing of the wire with insulation skin below 60kV, test of  bare wire below 35kV (operate with insulation rod)
Data Hold Press HOLD key to hold data in test mode, “HOLD” symbol display, press HOLD key once again cancel this function
Data Access "MR" symbol display, can look up all storage data
Overflow Display Exceed measure range overflow function: "OL A" symbol display
No Signal Indication When the receiver has not received transmit signal, dynamic display “no- -”symbol
Auto Shut Down 15 minutes after boot up, the meter shuts down automatically without any operation, to reduce battery consumption
Battery Voltage When battery voltage is lower than 4.8V, low battery voltage symbol will display and remind to replace battery.
Meter Weight 3630g (include insulation rod)
Working Environment -20℃~40℃;below 80%rh
Store Environment -20℃~60℃;below 70%rh
Interference No interference of 315MHz and 433MHz same frequency signals
Insulation Rod Size Φ32mm,1m/pcs(5pcs)
Insulation Strength AC110kV/rms(all 5PCS insulation rod connect, between the two ends)

Drip-proof II type

Selection Guide

MEWOI1000H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter0mA~1200A1mAΦ48mm Base type
MEWOI1000BWireless H/L Voltage Clamp Current MeterWireless type
MEWOI1020H/L Clamp Leakage Current Meter0.00mA~60.0A0.01mAΦ48mm Base type
MEWOI1020BWireless H/L Clamp Leakage Current MeterWireless type
MEWOI1100H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter0.00mA~600A0.01mAΦ33mm Base type
MEWOI1100BWireless H/L Voltage Clamp Current MeterWireless type

Packing List

Package outer packing Carton
inner packing Cloth bag
Accessory Meter 1 PCS
Receiver 1 PCS
Insulation rod(1M) 5 PCS
Cloth bag 1 PCS
Manual 1 PCS
Certificate 1 PCS
Warranty Card 1 PCS

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