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MEWOI2500C Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector
MEWOI2500C Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector
MEWOI2500C Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector
MEWOI2500C Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector

MEWOI2500C Satellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detector

2023-07-25 18:29:15  

wireless high voltage phase detector,digital phase sequence tester

  • Main Features : 1.Model : MEWOI2500C,2.Phase Detection Voltage : AC10V ~500kV3.Satellite Phase Detecting Distance : 500km4.Normal Phase Detecting Distance : 260m,5.Voice Prompt :
  • Serial No. :

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The MEWOI2500C satellite timing remote high-voltage phase detection meter has both ultra-long-distance phase detection and ordinary short-range phase detection functions. The timing accuracy is less than 20nS, and it can receive GNSS signals of six satellite timing systems at the same time, and realize joint timing to ensure accurate phase detection. The normal phase detection distance is 260 meters (in an open space), and the satellite phase detection distance is 500 kilometers. This phase-checking instrument can perform phase-checking not only in high-voltage lines, but also in high-voltage switch cabinets (central cabinets, ring main units, etc.) Automatic phase checking from 10V to 500kV voltage, easy to operate, time-saving and fast. At the same time, it also has the functions of testing phase, frequency, phase sequence, transformer group judgment, etc., as well as power inspection and voltage level display functions. When the line voltage exceeds 110kV, the non-contact phase detection must be used. During the phase detection, the metal probe of the detector is gradually approached to the wire. When the electric field signal is sensed, the phase detection can be completed without direct contact with the high-voltage wire, which is safe and fast. When it is used for the phase-checking of the ring main unit, the detector must use the probe and the test line of the ring main unit.

     MEWOI2500 satellite timing remote high-voltage phase detector consists of 2 sets of instruments, each set of instruments includes host, X detector, Y detector, telescopic insulating rod, monitoring software, etc. The host adopts a 3.5-inch true color LCD screen, which can display the phase on the same screen , frequency, phase sequence and phase detection results; vector diagram indication, phase indication, clear and intuitive; with "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, in-phase, out-of-phase" and other voice prompt functions, making the test easier and easier.

Main Features

1. Using satellite timing wireless transmission technology, the phase detection distance is 500km, the timing accuracy is high, and the phase detection is accurate and convenient to operate.

2. Voice prompt: "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, in-phase, out-of-phase".

3. Using a 3.5-inch LCD color screen, it can display the phase, frequency, phase sequence, and phase detection results on the same screen, and the dynamic vector diagram indication is clear and intuitive.

4. The meter also has the function of electricity inspection, which can display the voltage level. Data storage function, can store 200 sets of data.

Technical Specification

1. Range and accuracy

Measurement functionrangeprecisionResolution
phase0 °~360°≤±10°1 °

2. Other parameters


Wireless high-voltage satellite phase detect, frequency, phase, phase sequence, electrical inspection test, high-voltage switchgear (central cabinet, ring network cabinet and other phase detection)

phase detection mode

Satellite remote phase detection mode, short-range normal phase detection mode

power supply

Host: 3.7V, 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Detector: 3.7V, 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery

phase detection

Contact phase detection: ≤110kV line

Non-contact phase detection: When ≥10kV and ≤110kV are displayed, the phase detection can be carried out on the cable insulation; when the line voltage is greater than 110kV, the non-contact phase detection must be used.

phase detection voltage

AC 10V ~ 500kV

Satellite phase detection distance


Normal phase detection distance


Differential characterization

In-phase: -20°~20°; Out-of-phase: 100°~140° and 220°~260°


Test phase: 0°~360°

Test frequency: 45.0Hz~65.0Hz


Phase: ≤±10°

Frequency: ≤±2Hz


Phase: 1° Frequency: 0.1Hz

LCD size

3.5-inch true color screen; display area: 71mm×53mm

Electric inspection instructions

"Beep-beep-beep" beep

Voltage display

Display voltage level

Satellite timing accuracy

Less than 20nS

Star search instructions

Dynamic display of "----" symbol when searching for satellites

Search time

The first star search time is about 2 minutes, the second time after a successful star search is about 15 seconds, and the subsequent hot start is about 1 second.

No satellite duration

After the satellite search is successful, try to continue the phase detection until there is no satellite signal.

auto switch

timing mode

According to the strength of the satellite signal, it can automatically switch the satellite receiving core phase and the timing core phase, and there is no need to select the satellite mode or the timing mode.

Display rate

2 times/sec

data storage

200 groups (power failure will not lose data)

Automatic shut-down

In normal phase detection mode, it will automatically shut down after about 15 minutes of no operation.

The satellite remote phase detection mode is turned on for about 45 minutes and automatically shuts down without any operation.

battery voltage

The host battery has a 4-grid power display. When there is only 1 grid or 0 grid, please charge it; when the indicator light of the detector flashes rapidly, it means that the battery voltage is low, please charge.

Rated current

Detector: 30mA max; Host: 150mA max

Instrument quality

Instrument: 950g (including battery); total mass of packaging and insulating rod: about 3.0kg

Instrument size

Host 195mm×100mm×45mm; detector 130mm×65mm×45mm

Insulation rod length

About 4500mm

Insulation test

Both ends of the insulating rod after stretching: AC 220kV/rms

Host and detector: AC3700V/rms (between exposed metal and plastic casing)

outside interference

No strong electromagnetic field; no 433MHz, 315MHz co-channel interference

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-10℃~60℃; below 70%rh

Suitable for safety regulations

GB13398-92, GB311.1-311.6-8, 3DL408-91 standards and the national power industry standard "General technical conditions for 1kV ~ 35kV portable phase detection devices for live work DL/T 971-2017" requirements

Selection Guide

Product NamePhase detection voltage
Phase detection distanceSatellite Phase Detection Distance


Wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m/
MEWOI2500BRemote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m5000m
MEWOI2500CSatellite timing remote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m50KM
MEWOI2520Ring Main Unit Wireless Phase detectorAC 1V-600KV30m/
MEWOI2540Metalclad withdraw switchgear wireless phase detectorAC 10KV-35KV20m

MEWOI2560BMultifunctional satellite remote wireless high voltage phase detectorAC 10V-500KV260m5000m
MEWOI2600Wireless high voltage  phase detectorAC 200V-2200KV60m

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