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MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence
MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence
MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence
MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence
MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence
MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence

MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence

2023-07-25 17:14:03  

MEWOI2600 Wireless high voltage phase detector,phase sequence

  • Main Features : 1.Model : MEWOI2600,2.Transmission Distance : 6OM,3.PhaseDetection Voltage : 220V~220kV,4.Phase Qualitative : Same Phase: - 25° ~25°; Out Phase: 95°~145° and 215° ~265°5.Phase Range : 0.0°~360.0°6.Power Supply : Host:DC9v, alkaline battery LR6X 6PCS; Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22,9v
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MEWOI2600 wireless high-voltage phase detector is designed specially for the high-voltage phase detection, breaking the traditional phase voltage level limit, can detect phase at ultra low voltage, fully automated from 200V ~ 220kV (such as 400V, 10kV, 35kV, 66kV, 110kV, 220kV), without the need to purchase multiple sets of phase meter according to the voltage level, saving cost and reducing carrying time. For the phase detection of the high-voltage line (when the voltage exceeds 400V), the detector's metal hook can be gradually close to the wire, inducing the electric field signal to complete the nuclear phase, without direct contact with high-voltage wire, safe! When the bare wire voltage exceeds 35 kV, a non-contact phase detection must be used. The phase detector also has functions such as phase test, frequency test, phase sequence test, inspection, transformer group judgment etc.

MEWOI2600 wireless high-voltage phase meter consists of host, detector, telescopic insulation rod, monitoring software, USB communication line, etc. The wireless transmission distance is about 30 meters. The host computer adopts 3.5-inch true color LCD screen, which can display phase, , Phase sequence and nuclear phase results; vector diagram instructions, phase indication, clear and intuitive; with "X signal normal, Y signal normal, in phase, out of phase" and other voice prompts, make the testing more simple and convenient.

Monitoring software with online real-time monitoring, historical data query, vector diagram instructions, phase indication function; with historical data read, access, save, print and other functions.


High-voltage phase detect, frequency, phase, phase sequence, electrical inspection.
Power SupplyHost: DC9V,6pcs 5 alkaline batteries,Detector:Zinc - manganese dry batteries 6F22、9V
Phase Detect Modes

1.Contact Phase Detect: can contact wire which is below 35KV(bare wire)or 220KV(With insulation Cover)

2.Non-Contact Phase Detect: conduct non-contact testing when bare wire exceeds 35KV,detect Probe close to the wire gradually.

Wireless Distance
Phase characterization

1.In Phase:-25°~25°

2.Out of Phase: 95°~145° and 215°~265

Phase detect Voltage200V~220kV
Phase Range
Frequency Range
Transmission frequency433MHz、315MHz
3.5inch Color Display;Display Field:71mm×53mm
Phase indication
Phasor diagram and digital display
Power indication
Green indication light
Working indicationSound and Light Indicator,red double flash indicator and "beep - beep - beep" beep sound
Display Speed
Data  Storage9999Sets (Replace the battery without losing data)
LCD backlightAdjustable brightness, to adapt to different environments

Automatic shut-down

Turn on the instrument for about 5 minutes

Battery Voltage

When the battery voltage dropped to 7.2V ± 0.1V, "the battery voltage is low" symbol display, to remind the replacement of the battery, the measured data is also accurate.

Rated currentDetector:30mA max;Host:150mA max
WeightHost:950g(includes Batteries),Packing and Insulation Rod: 3KG
Insulation Rod LengthMax Diameter:Φ38mm;Length:Pull Back 1050mm;Extend 4850mm
Insulation Test

Insulated rods at both ends after drawing: AC 220 kV / rms

Host, detector: AC3700V / rms (exposed metal and plastic housing)

Outside Interference

No special strong electromagnetic field; no 433MHz, 315MHz frequency interference

Working Temperature and Humidity-10℃~40℃; below 80%rh
Storage Temperature and Humidity-20℃~60℃; below 70%rh
Degree of protectionIP63
Safety ProtocolGB13398-92、GB311.1-311.6-8、3DL408-91,《General technical requirements for portable nuclear power apparatus for use in 1kV ~ 35kV portable power plants DL/T971-2005》,IEC61481-A2;2004;IEC 61243-1 ed.2:2003
AccessoriesHost:1set, Detector: 2 pieces, Probe: 2pcs, Probe Hook: 2pcs,insulation rod: 2pcs, 1 piece of software CD, 1 piece of USB data cable, 6 pieces of LR6 battery, 2 pieces of 6F22 battery, 1 inspection line, Toolkit 1 piece



Selection Guide:

Model No.:NameMeasure RangePhase Detecting DistancePhase RangeFrequency RangeData Storage
MEWOI2600Wireless High Voltage Phase DetectorAC 200V~220kV60m0.0°~360.0°45.0Hz-65.0Hz9999sets


Wireless High Voltage Phase DetectorAC 10V-500KV200m0.0°~360.0°45.0Hz-65.0Hz200sets

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